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    When in 1997 our Center of Professional Translation ALEAN just started operations, the translation of foreign documents was not so widely required in our region. That's because only largest Russian companies cooperated with foreign partners then, while small and medium business mostly targeted domestic markets.


    1997 – Establish the first office and start operations

    1998 — Fulfil the big, multi-month project for Sab Miller RUS (EFES)

    1999 — Fulfil the big, multi-month translation project in Cairo, Egypt – for Rosvooruzheniye (Russian State Arms Export Company)

    2000 — Open new office in Kaluga

    2000 — Fulfil another multi-month subproject in Egypt – for Rosvooruzheniye (Russian State Arms Export Company)

    2002 – Open new office in Kaluga

    2004 – Open the first subsidiary office outside Kaluga region – in Tula

    2005 – Open new office in Kaluga

    2006 – Establish the company's headquarters in Kaluga

    2007 – Start the multi-year cooperation with Gazprom company over the territory of Russia

    2007 – Create the regional section of the Translators Union of Russia

    2008 – Start the cooperation with Volkswagen

    2009 – Open the second subsidiary office in Tula

    2010 – Initiates the language school project – Big Apple

    2011 – Purchase of own classrooms for the language school

    2012 – Developmnent of adaptation program for foreigners (CIS and others)

    2012 – Company included in the "Registry of reliable partners in Russia"

    2013 – Company awarded the Certificate of Quality (ISO)

    2013 – Expansion of the language school project: Start the State test program of Russian language for migration and international visitors; Study Abroad programs

    2013 – Fulfil the multi-month project for "Remputmash" in Austria

    2013 – Open mobile office of the company

    2014 – Expand the business to Moscow city