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    About us

    ALEAN Translation Company

    When in 1997 our Center of Professional Translation ALEAN just started operations, the translation of foreign documents was not so widely required in our region. That's because only largest Russian companies cooperated with foreign partners then, while small and medium business mostly targeted domestic markets.

    Now the situation is completely different. Russian business has become much bigger, established closer and tighter business relations with foreign partners. And this applies much stronger requirements to the quality of translation not only for large Russian and international market players, but also for medium-size companies, and even small businesses and entrepreneurs. Commercial documents, contracts, negotiations, – these all need quality and professional translation which is a must for successful international cooperation. With comprehensive experience in the translations of such level, our Center can definitely help your business find a `common language` with foreign colleagues and partners. Nowadays we can also notice ever-increasing demand for quality translation from ordinary people. Many Russians travel around the world, work abroad, meet different people worldwide. In such circumstances, the services of our Center of Professional Translation “ALEAN” is in demand to translate documents, references, CV's, or even for personal correspondence. And actually, we are here to help you understand each other – that's our motto.

    Apart from commercial and financial documents, we also have much to do with technical translations. Technical documentation for industrial equipment, user manuals for complex electronic devices, participation in scientific conferences and seminars – these all require translators and interpreters with fluency and accuracy in translation of highly specialized terminology including sufficient level of proficiency in science, technology, or culture.

    However challenging are the tasks, whatever languages they require – all this is within the scope of abilities of the Center ALEAN's experts! All our professionals have specialized education (foreign languages) and sometimes additional education in the field of economics, technology, or other specialties, which help them successfully translate documents of any complexity and specificity with as much quality as possible. Many of our employees have been graduated from prestigious Russian and international universities (including Moscow State University, Paris Sorbonne University, etc).

    Our company is a member of the Translators Union of Russia, a member of Moscow, Kaluga, Tula Chambers of Commerce. We constantly prove our competence, provide the highest level of quality for Russian and international clients including but not limited to VOLKSWAGEN, NESTLE, VOLVO, PSMA RUS, GAZPROM STROY ENGINNERING, LAFARGE CEMENT, and many others. Our services are also provided for governmental customers, such as ministries and institutions (arbitration courts, regional governments, ministry of economic development, ministry of internal affairs, ministry of capital construction, etc). And last but not least, we should definitely mention ordinary people, – our citizens and international guests, – who also need our services especially when they plan business trips and vacation visits to foreign countries.

    You should remember that often the quality of written and oral translation determines the success of your business. And we do everything possible to help you! Exclusive quality of services, flexible pricing policy, and customer-friendly approach – these are our first priorities!

    BIG APPLE Language School

    Language School Big Apple offers classes of different languages for those who want improve their fluency in any foreign language as well as strengthen their previous experience in this field. Nowadays almost every person has to speak at least one more foreign language. Most often people choose English as a second language to study and speak.

    This does not mean that your knowledge and aspiration must limit to only one extra language in your background. We here talk just about a required minimum, while to be internationally confident you do need to speak and/or understand many foreign languages You shall need this to withstand competition when applying for a better job, enroll to a more prestigious university, or even to expand your scope of mind or just successfully communicate with foreign people. This all is possible when you constantly master your intellectual background including, of course, foreign languages.

    Language School Big Apple – your new opportunities!

    Studying foreign languages, you extremely expand your circle of friends and acquaintances, your life is getting richer, more diverse and substantial. You are becoming more noticeable and significant person who attracts more attention and respect. Just think how simple it is. All you need is to start studying new languages, and then your life will start changing to the best.

    Our school announces new foreign language courses, and you can actually start at any level. You can find the highly professional teachers and tutors who master their profession. You will study not only the style of talking but also develop excellent reading and writing skills. Our school is one of the most popular schools of foreign languages in such regions as Kaluga and Tula. And we actually plan to have the same success in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

    Big Apple – language courses for everyone!

    In Big Apple language school we offer entertaining contests to test your knowledge and compare it to other students. And please do not think that it's too late to learn for you. Our students are the people of any age, and all of them show considerable success in learning. If you studied in language courses before, and you once again want to have that feeling of excitation and energy that you have had in younger years, then you should definitely become a student. Apply all your cheerfulness and optimism to learn something new in langugaes.

    Fluently speaking foreign languages, you can travel all over the world, speaking to foreign people without just gesticulating but with elegant expressions and words in local language (well, quite often you may choose at least English courses as this language is among the most widely used worldwide).

    Language School Big Apple provides the language courses with affordable and flexible pricing policy. You can check out our website to see the classrooms. We offer comfortable way of study when you learn languages in the better suitable time, – after work or other studies.

    Language courses – spend you time freely and usefully!

    Language School Big Apple first announced language courses for English and other languages in Kaluga. They targeted people who want to improve or strengthen their fluency in this field, even if they study in a university or ordinary school. We all have vacations and long holidays, and sometimes people have insufficient language practice, forget some topics and vocabulary, deteriorate pronunciation, that's why you may choose our courses – not to disappoint your regular teachers. So, do not hesitate to study at our language courses.

    You may have heard quite a lot about our language school, you can also read it at our website. Now we can see that many of our students have applied for better jobs, enrolled to universities, or just mastered their language skills. We sincerely hope that you could join our family of teachers and students in the language school BIG APPLE.

    Follow our website to check out news. Get informed through our groups in social networks. We constantly update the information about promotions, contests, and new announcements. Just check it from time to time, your are always welcome. Sooner or later, you can definitely find something interesting for yourself.

    Our language school can boast the highly professional language teachers. They go through thorough selection process, they constantly improve their level of proficiency in foreign countries (for example, USA, United Kingdom). We always observe their qualification to keep it undoubtedly high and up-to-date. All of them are available for meetings, so they can estimate your level, discuss your needs, and then provide as useful study for you as possible. They do their best for you to easily and fluently communicate in any country of the world.